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Automated beverage dispensing systems

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How it works
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Key features

FloSmart saves you time and money

restaurant technology

Flo-Smart is designed
with you in mind

This hands-free, automated system is designed to bring speed, efficiency and cost reductions to any food or beverage operation. The Flo-Smart Touch can dispense up to 4 different pulp and sediment-free still beverages, dispensing the exact amount of beverage every single time.

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Total Saving
$63 Saving Milk Price
$169Depreciation 8%
$63Collateral Damage Saving

Winners of the Gold
2020 Good Design
Australia Award

“Flo-Smart is a clever and appealing design where form and product functionality has been blended to answer a void in the hospitality market. Aesthetic and well-resolved, several inputs were considered including reduction of waste and metering of the beverage, different types of beverage, semi-automated cleaning and modularity of the storage and dispense systems.
Consideration of the user’s workflow (e.g. barista or bartender) and the context also provides a pleasing mix of service and product design. Well done”.
Other brands
Simultaneous Pouring
Pours 2 jugs of different liquid simultaneously to save time
Jug Rinser
Commercial grade jug rinser, so milk jugs are spotlessly clean between usage
Hands Free Operation
Proximity sensors recognize jug size, accurate volume dispensed without user input
4 Tap Option
Dispense up to 4 different beverage types via the head unit

Semi-аutomated Cleaning

With an independent chiller, conducted via the user control panel, the system only requires weekly chemical cleaning

Customisable Controls
Intuitive user interface has many customizable options so it can be fit for purpose
Container or Bladder Option
Compatible with either milk bladders or our proprietary 18L beverage containers
Data Logging
Records key data for customer review. Data can be exported in a variety of formats
Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely.
The Flo-Smart system is designed for any non-carbonated, pulp-free beverages; meaning that coffee order with three different types of milk is now a breeze!

Yes, as long as it’s fit for purpose and its internal size is adequate to allow the quantity of containers and pumps to fit. Flo-Smart has a range of purpose-built fridges with varying capacities that are easy to use and appropriately sized for the system.
It certainly can! Our system is also designed to use a mix of bladders and containers with a simple quick connect fitting.
Please expect to pay labour cost of approximately 4 to 8 hours (unless you are based in a difficult location or require cool-room install which can take a bit longer).

This depends on your circumstances:

  1. If the “product travel distance” between the fridge and dispenser is less than 1 meter you do not, but the system must be cleaned daily.
  2. If the “product travel distance” is greater than 1 meter, you require a chiller. However, the advantage is our system only needs to be cleaned once per week.
  3. If you’re based in the USA and require NSF accreditation, you are required to have a chiller.
About us
technology in restaurant industry
Flo-Smart was established by two prominent Australian based engineering companies with global experience; who over the past 70+ years have been at the forefront of automated beverage dispensing systems both in process and design.


the savings

Enter initial data

* all units are denominated in USD

Total weeks
50 000
Number of beverages (based on net margin)
Waste Savings
Beverage cost per litre
$1 607
Total beverage input costs
3 750
Total beverages
66 667
Time per coffee (80 seconds)
66 667
Time per coffee with Flo-Smart (65 seconds)
12 500
Total minutes saved

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