We could not imagine stepping back into the dark ages of having to free-pour milk!

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Corie Wilcock

Corie Wilcock

Hobart Coffee Roasters owner - Hobart, Australia

The problem

We are a very environmentally conscious business and take care with our impact of our waste. At some of our venues we can utilize composting services for our spent coffee grounds, we use compostable packaging at all our sites and have finally found a way to do away with single use plastic milk bottles, thanks to Flo-Smart.

We are also very involved in constantly looking for ways to improve all our venues wastage with excess textured milk being poured down the drain.

Time efficiency is another factor we are always looking to improve on with our baristas having to restock milk fridges from back to front of house 2 or 3 times a service. Constantly bending under the benches to get our milk up and down was a pain too. 

We were a little skeptical with getting a milk dosing system in the beginning, in regard to keeping the system clean and hygienic. We wanted to make sure that we could 100% guarantee our customers a quality product.

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The Solution and Result

The solution that Flo-Smart has provided in minimizing our waste footprint is equivalent to keeping over 13,000 milk bottles out of landfill, which has been a huge win for us and the environment.

As far as wastage of product goes, having the Flo-Smart and its ability to program each individual sized jug to the corresponding amount of milk required for texturing, guarantees us very minimal wastage if any at all. Not only is this great from a wasted product point of view, but we are also saving money.

The ability to have the Flo-Smart fill up a jug for our barista while they are dosing shots or pouring coffee saves us time in busy periods of service, which has increased our productivity immensely.

We could not imagine stepping back into the dark ages of having to free-pour milk!


Flo-Smart beverage dispensing solution

The bonus with the Flo-Smart set up is that the 18L kegs can be reloaded very easily and you’re back up and running in under a minute to be dosing and spinning milk for service without having to bend down under the bench 100 times a day.

The cleaning of the system is something we are really impressed with too; we were given an in depth run through of how to clean our Flo-Smart system when we first installed. The fact that we can clean our system once a week with specially formulated chemicals which break up milk proteins in the flow lines and ensures our customers are receiving a safe and hygienic product is paramount to why we chose Flo-Smart.

We love our Flo-Smart system and how it has changed our way of service and has given us more time to interact with our customers and make delicious coffee even faster.

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We would recommend Flo-Smart to any hospitality business

We operate very busy cafes in Melbourne and Perth. With the increase in alternative milk demand, we were struggling with available bench space. We needed a milk management solution to remove clutter and improve speed and efficiency.

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