A look into the market leading technology behind Flo-Smart’s hands-free operation and automated pouring system

A look into the market leading technology behind Flo-Smart’s

The world around us is constantly evolving and adapting where technology can be utilised to overcome barriers of complexity and inefficiency. This is no different in the food and beverage industry where technologically advanced systems are being applied to everyday operations to enable precise and consistent dispensing to eradicate beverage waste and improve operator workflow.

With such innovative technology available, businesses are looking to streamline manual processes that come with an inherent margin for error. Application of these systems are designed to ensure top quality product more consistently whilst reducing costs, improving revenues and most importantly, keeping their customers happy.

Who uses dispensing systems?

Dispensing systems are designed to cater to the needs of QSRs, cafes, bars and restaurants. It’s in these types of businesses that the prevention of overpours and waste is central to running more efficient operations and higher profit margins.

Importantly, businesses are paying more attention to the data they can obtain from their equipment. It has become commonplace to download and analyse data sets that speak to a systems compliance and utilisation. Being able to provide Executive and Operation teams with actionable data to assist in decision-making has been a game changer.

For example, a large cafe chain operator implementing Flo-Smart’s 4-tap automated beverage dispenser provides them with a completely hands-free operation. This is made possible by a combination of sensors and software that work together to measure the size of the jug to pour a precise amount of beverage without human control. This unit would also offer them unique insight into a a variety of information which is stored within an in-built SD card and when connected to a local wi-fi, it can send time-stamped reports on cleaning cycles and dispensing information – allowing select individuals within the organsiation to make fast and effective decisions based off real information.

How does dispensing technology improve a business?

Businesses have been implementing dispensing systems that allow them to:

1. Boost product quality and consistency

Implementing a chiller to a dispensing system will allow the milk or wine to be dispensed at the optimal temperature as it’s being pumped from a fridge in its select storage option (container or bladder) all the way through to the nozzle. By maintaining the perfect temperature, every jug of milk and glass of wine is served at the exact amount to the same high standard, helping to build customer loyalty.

2. Safety and compliance                   

Ensuring your cafe or bar network is cleaning their equipment appropriately to a defined schedule is not easily done with analog or manual processes. If equipment isn’t maintained to the company’s standard, product quality and consumer trust is quickly lost as health and safety comes into question.

Rolling out an application that provides an organisation with the ability to monitor complete cleaning cycles eradicates this issue. With Flo-Smart’s system, the unit will automatically lock itself out if it hasn’t been cleaned to the programmed cadence. Head Office can also be kept abreast of their entire network’s compliance regime as they receive information that outlines when each location conducts a full cleaning cycle.

3. Speed

Milk and wine dispensing systems utilise a variety of controls that are at the forefront of determining how much of what beverage is poured. Through the use of jug sensors and in some instance customisable Human-Machine Interface (HMI) controls, QSRs, cafes and bars can now minimise barista and bartender movement to service greater volumes throughout service.

What does the market think about beverage dispensers?

It appears that the market is turning a corner when it comes to their beverage dispensing options. No longer do they want to be stuck in the dark ages of free pouring milk and wine by the eye. Businesses are looking to optimise an inefficient and manual process as the technology becomes more readily available and apparent throughout the world. Whether you’re in the QSR, cafe or bar and restaurant industry, you should expect to see substantially more investment in these types of systems over the next few years.

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